Legal Aid

Please be aware that the Riverland Community Legal Service is not a body of the Legal Services Commission of South Australia and exists independent of the Legal Aid scheme. The Service is generally unable to field inquiries relating to delays in the granting of Legal Aid and advises that persons seeking such information telephone the Assignments Unit of the Legal Services Commission (Ph: 8463 3555).

The Service regularly assists clients to complete Legal Aid applications and will, where appropriate, advise clients on appealing decisions where Legal Aid has been refused. Where Legal Aid is available, the Service will exercise its discretion to refer prospective clients on this basis.

Those seeking assistance in completing Legal Aid applications will need to provide the Service with the following:

  • A Centrelink Statement of Entitlement
  • A copy of the client’s current (signed) Health Care or Pension Card
  • Bank statements for all accounts in the client’s name for the immediate preceding three months (please note that internet printouts will not suffice)
  • A copy of any relevant Court Orders or Police documents

People who are employed must provide four weeks payslips or a letter from their employer detailing their earnings. Those who are self employed must provide their most recent tax return or profit and loss statement.

For more information on applying for Legal Aid visit the Legal Services Commission website, ‘Applying for Legal Aid‘.

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